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Director’s message

Thank you for your interest in the Centre for Academic Excellence (CAE) at the University of Limpopo (UL). The CAE is an academic service centre that promotes quality learning and teaching at UL through various programmes meant to develop and support both staff and students.  Part of its mandate is, on the one hand, to support academic staff in their development as expert teachers as well as facilitate and support a ‘community of practice’ in which dedicated teachers interact, learn and support one another. On the other hand, CAE is mandated to promote student academic literacies, develop and support academic writing skills as well as study skills. In other words, we offer an exceptional and extensive range of programmes, attracting considerable interest and participation by the UL community.

The Centre enhances the University’s mission of teaching and learning excellence and champions the advancement of scholarly teaching and learning. Major priorities in the development and support of both students and staff include:

  • Developing the capacity of students and academics, to be more successful in the university, in terms of the core reasons why they are participating and/or in terms of the functions, they are performing in the university.
  • Provision of programmes that promote high levels of academic success for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Encouraging innovative research and scholarly publication on teaching and learning.
  • Contributing to the development of policies, initiatives, and campus-wide culture that supports excellence in teaching and learning.
  • Engaging with students, individually and in groups through course support and other learning initiatives.
  • Promoting communities of practice to support pedagogical research and encourage current and lifelong learning.
  •  Evaluating the impact of the curriculum on student learning and achievement of graduate attributes.

We are available to help you in many ways, including enhancing your teaching and assessment skills, and developing and supporting your students in their learning, to name a few. Thank you for browsing the homepage of the CAE. You are most welcome to visit different pages of our website to find out more about our services provided to academics and students. Enjoy!

Prof Owence Chabaya
(Acting Director, Centre for Academic Excellence)